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As March draws to a close, and for our fourth and final featured article in honour of Women’s History Month, we spoke with one of our talented Senior Account Managers, Rainn Cheong, from our Singapore-based sister company, MonFX. Part of the integral Sales team we have across the global Monex group, Rainn works closely with our clients to understand their foreign exchange needs and offer tailored solutions from Monex’s extensive portfolio of innovative products and services.

I have been at Monex for almost 2 years, working as a Senior Account Manager. In this role, I work with clients to understand their foreign exchange needs and offer tailored solutions to help them manage currency risk effectively. I also provide market insights and updates to help clients make informed decisions regarding their FX exposure. It’s a challenging yet rewarding role that allows me to build strong relationships with our corporate clients and help them navigate the foreign exchange market.

Back to the beginning…

Growing up in Singapore, and from a modest family background, I am now a mother of two myself. Having been a working professional for 19 years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of sectors, including HR, accounting, and even as an entrepreneur.

Ultimately, though, it was through these varied experiences that I found my true calling as a sales professional in the financial services industry.

Having generally worked in B2C sales, the transition into the B2B sector with MonFX almost 2 years ago, was a bold step outside of my comfort zone. Since this major change, I have grown in my personal and professional development, honing my skills and building on my knowledge each day.

Working as a Woman in Finance

I feel very fortunate to have always been part of organisations that demonstrate very minimal gender inequality. MonFX, in particular, has provided me with valuable learning and leadership opportunities, and for that, I am truly grateful. Nevertheless, juggling the responsibilities of work and family can present unique challenges, especially as a mother with two children and in a role that is known for its particularly demanding workload.

Despite this, I hope to grow with MonFX and continue my career in this progressive and open-minded work environment and do my part in developing MonFX as one of the top FX providers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Making a difference

My most rewarding achievement to date is undoubtedly my move to MonFX. As I have mentioned, for 6 years prior to accepting this great opportunity, I was working exclusively within B2C sales.

Taking the leap to transition to MonFX and expand my knowledge and experience in the B2B sector has been extremely fulfilling and empowering, both personally and professionally.

In my current role, I am responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of major corporate and institutional clients and broadening my horizons in the diverse and fluid FX landscape across the APAC region.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

After working as a sales professional for a number of years, I accepted the opportunity to gain alternative experience in a new sector, working as an administrative and finance manager. It was this switch in my career that ultimately led me to realise my true passion for sales. And so, 8 years ago, knowing that this was the career I wanted to pursue, I made the decision to move back to the sales sector and have been on this path ever since.

Now, as a senior account manager, every day is a new experience, and as someone who has always loved a challenge, this role provides me with endless opportunities to continue pushing my boundaries and outperforming my past achievements.

As a competitive runner during my schooling days, I love the feeling of securing new personal bests, and I feel that my position with MonFX is the perfect place for me to continue achieving this.