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For our third featured article in celebration of Women’s History Month this March, the spotlight turns to our Settlement Operations Manager, Kate Fitzgerald, from our Canadian entity, Monex Canada. Part of the global Operations team at Monex, Kate oversees the Settlement Operations department, continuously maintaining Monex’s steadfast commitment to delivering high service standards to our valued clients.

I have had the privilege of working at Monex Canada for over 4 and a half years now, where I started as an Operations Analyst. Over the years, I am proud to have been entrusted with far greater responsibilities, now bringing me to my current leadership position as Settlement Operations Manager. With my team, we ensure that the day-to-day settlement and operational functions of the business remain efficient for our clients. Together, we are instrumental in transforming strategic objectives into practical, well-executed plans that help drive Monex’s success.

Back to the beginning…

Not originally from Canada, I was born in Waterford, Ireland. My interest in international travel and business started during my studies at the University of Limerick in Ireland, where I graduated with a degree in Politics and International Relations. During this time, I also spent a semester abroad in Gothenburg, Sweden, and quickly developed the “travel bug” which urged me to want to explore more of the world.

It was also during my time at university that I found my love for working in fast-paced environments associated with certain industry sectors. Ultimately, though, the travel bug kicked in and I found myself some 1,500 miles away from home in Madrid, Spain, where I worked as an English teacher.

Giving me the opportunity to learn Spanish and fall in love with the local culture, I knew travelling was something I would always seek out in new opportunities.

My career in finance started with the Bank of Ireland after my year away in Spain, initially working on the cash desk. My time in financial services began after accepting the opportunity to work in the client service unit for a global corporation, igniting my passion for operations and ultimately leading to the big leap that saw me move 3,500 miles from Ireland to Canada to start my journey with Monex.

Working as a Woman in Finance

My personal experience in the finance industry has been very positive. I know I have had great luck in having the opportunity to work with a number of amazing female role models throughout my career, who have no doubt grown my confidence and knowledge in the field. One such person, who deserves a special mention for their support so early into my career, would be one of my previous managers. Comparatively junior to others around me at this time, it was through this relationship that I developed the suite of tools and skills to propel my career and open up amazing opportunities for me. Equally, I have also had the pleasure of working with many great men who advocate for the success of women in the financial services industry.

I am a true believer that everyone is a product of their own environment, and those that have the privilege of working with like-minded, hardworking and talented individuals undoubtedly have these admirable attributes rub off on them.

In this industry, given the immense pace and ever-changing environment, it’s amazing to see it constantly evolving and shaping to suit today’s expectations, and I thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to work with so many great people both internally and on the client side who share these values.

Making a difference

I am grateful for every success, big and small, that I can proudly say I have achieved along the way so far in my career. Overall, I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to learn and work in the Canadian market alongside numerous seasoned professionals who have and continue to support and mentor me through the landscape.

In terms of qualifications, I have had the great opportunity to undertake and complete the Level 9 certificate in Economics and Finance, and I am now studying the Derivatives Fundamentals Course. I am also grateful for every ounce of recognition shown to me, such as the multiple “MVP” awards I have received from Monex in my current role. Aside from the obvious revision and studying, I accredit all successes to my work ethic, growth mindset and the ability to work in a progressive global company that gives me direct access and face time with countless talented and inspiring individuals.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

As someone who will never say no to a challenge or new experiences that test my limits and push me out of my comfort zone, it’s normal to sometimes feel frustrated and unsure.

It’s in these times that this quote brings me comfort and reminds me to persevere and always try to find a new approach.

Over time, I’ve found that it helps to change my mindset and urges me to adopt and welcome progressive changes, even if they’re wildly unfamiliar or uncomfortable. In an industry that is known for its rapid changes, and as someone who deliberately seeks new opportunities to excel my personal and professional development, I am sure that maintaining this outlook has contributed to the incredible experiences and achievements I am proud to have under my belt.