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In celebration of International Women’s Day, and as part of Women’s History Month, we are pleased to launch our Women in Finance campaign – sharing the empowering stories of four women at the Monex group of companies. This week, we hear from Jade Nelson – Head of Operations and Senior Company Manager for Monex’s Asia region, MonFX Pte Ltd. Delving back to elements of her upbringing and its impact on her attitude today – Jade also celebrates her 14th anniversary with Monex tomorrow!

With tomorrow marking 14 years at Monex, I’m reminded of every essential skill I’ve developed to shape me into the passionate leader I am today. From resilience and adaptability to vast problem-solving, conflict resolution, and extensive decision-making.

Currently working as Head of Operations and Senior Company Manager at MonFX Pte. Ltd, I have full accountability and management of the Operations and Risk functions for MonFX B2B and B2C business (2.9bn SGD volume). I am specialised in enhancing and optimising FX solutions, currency specifications, and cultivating a positive, results-driven workplace by contributing my value-added experience to drive business through ambitious strategy.

Back to the beginning…

I owe a lot of credit to the work I undertook prior to starting my professional career. Holding a number of part-time jobs in my early years attributed to my dedicated work ethic, whilst also teaching me discipline, perseverance, and the importance of having a growth mindset.

Originally from Essex in the UK, I earned the opportunity for a huge upheaval to undertake my current senior position in Singapore. Although a challenging prospect, I didn’t hesitate to put my hand up; I was driven by the potential to inspire other women to take a leap.

This is great role for you Jade, it will empower more women to strive for senior roles in the business.

Now with 15 years’ experience in the financial industry under my belt, and diverse geographic experience, I have grown to be a strong female communicator in a statistically male-dominated industry.

Working as a Woman in Finance

Embodying a personality that brushes off the locker room talk certainly helps!

Despite the gender skew within the industry, Monex has always given women a platform as equals, no matter what age or background, and I have always felt welcome to have a seat at the table.

As a proud member of the Financial Women’s Association, it’s motivating to see that the government in Singapore has made a concerted effort to encourage greater gender diversity in leadership positions in the workplace, particularly by the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) launch of the ‘Women in Finance’ initiative in 2019.

Comparatively in the UK, although cultural hierarchy seems less rigidly defined, I still find that there are significant barriers to women securing positions of leadership, no matter the industry.

Making a difference

I am proud to have been involved in a number of key changes to the Monex group business over the years. Most notably, being the pioneer in establishing Monex’s presence in the APAC region. Since then, I have continued to work on expanding and evolving MonFX’s product offering and services.

Above all, I strive to be an active mentor for women new to the business or industry, supporting and guiding them in this ever-changing environment.

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Growing up, I was encouraged by my parents to seek opportunities and adopt a “can-do” attitude. Whenever fear, procrastination, or indecisiveness kicked in, I was told, “find your backbone”! This transgressed the energetic, self-motivating attitude to gain the confidence to be a tactical decision-maker under pressure. Speak your mind with that well-earned authority while being a good influence. Why keep wishing for things to happen? Make it happen and enjoy it! This is why this quote has resonated with me. Don’t sit quietly; take accountability, collaborate, and be present. Find your backbone.


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