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In the third article of our Women of Monex series, in celebration of Women’s History month, we hear from Gioia Cok. As Senior Compliance Analyst for Monex Europe S.A. – part of the Monex group of companies, Gioia ensures the company complies with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations in Europe. Having lived and worked in a number of countries, Gioia shares her experiences of working as a woman in finance.

I have been at Monex for 5 and half years now, and am currently employed as Senior Compliance Analyst for Monex Europe S.A. Although established as an entity in Luxembourg, I have been living and working in Monex’s Amsterdam office for the past year, after spending 9 months in Luxembourg and 4 years in London. Interacting heavily with Monex’s other compliance teams internationally, I ensure the company complies with all European financial rules and regulations.

Back to the beginning…

It’s safe to say I have moved around a lot in my lifetime! Originally from the Netherlands, I moved to the French countryside at the age of 8. Fast forward to age 21, I then moved to the UK to complete my Master’s degree. Although I’ve had the pleasure to experience living in a number of countries, I can confidently say I am very Dutch!

Whilst writing my thesis at the end of my studies, I got my first full-time job at Monex Europe in London, UK. Despite studying British and American History, Linguistics, Translation and Literature at University, I landed in the compliance sector after a recruiter reached out to me for my fluency in Dutch. Although an unexpected and unplanned career path, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the job!

Making a difference

Working in compliance requires excellent research skills, and I’m grateful to have learnt this throughout my degree as a fundamental part of my studies. During my time at Monex, I have had numerous opportunities to work on a variety of vital projects. Leading Monex’s largest client migration project following Brexit is one I am most proud of.

It was a process that took well over a year and presented many challenges, such as entirely new regulatory obligations for the company and our clients, along with sourcing a new license and managing uncertainty over when it would be delivered. Whilst organsing this massive upheaval, I also earned the great opportunity to lead a new team – training them up in preparation to hand over the project once it had found it’s legs. Although certainly challenging, it was also incredibly rewarding.

Working as a Woman in Finance

At Monex, no matter which country I have experienced working in, I have always confidently felt that women and men are consistently treated as equals. It’s incredibly inspiring and motivating to have a number of strong female voices spread across the company internationally, and I have had the pleasure to work closely with a number of them.

My previous manager, with whom I reported to for nearly 5 years, made an enourmous impact on both my career and life – teaching me to embrace my well-earned confidence and authority.

The financial services industry is one still definitely dominated by men, however there is a noticeable shift that seems to be happening. Little by little, the industry appears to be actively making itself more accessible and appealing for women, shaking off the stigma and outwardly celebrating women in finance.

Although there is still a firm stereotypical image to overcome, whether that is for client-facing roles or leadership roles, it’s motivating to see each step in the right direction.

“What good are wings without the courage to fly” – To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

My parents do not seem to know fear but have always told me that there is no courage without fear. They have moved around Europe to follow their passions, and by the age of 40 had lived in 4 countries and 7 cities. My dad created his own company when he was 28. My grandparents on both sides have also lived abroad, in Papua New Guinea and the UK, respectively. With them setting such an inspiring example, I try to follow their lead in each avenue of my life: follow my dreams and go after what I want.


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