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In our second featured article for Women’s History Month, we spoke with Elena Bernardo, Head of Business Development and Director of our Madrid office within Monex Europe S.A. – part of the Monex group of companies. Sharing her experience over her 24 years in the financial industry, and her proud achievements as a woman in finance, Elena also celebrates her 11th anniversary with Monex Europe S.A. today!

Today marks 11 years since I was given the challenging opportunity to establish Monex’s presence in Spain, where I started my role as Director of the original Spanish office in Asturias. Throughout my time here, my functions have been extensive across numerous business areas. From the development of Monex’s expansion in obtaining the necessary licensing from the Bank of Spain – to the registration of other public entities and the opening of accounts with several Spanish banks. In successfully doing so, I also generated the first portfolio of Spanish clients, enabling Monex’s official (and current) presence in Madrid.

Back to the beginning…

Originally from Mexico, I now have 24 years of experience in the financial services industry under my belt. Starting my career in corporate banking, I’ve since held a number of roles in the financial industry, moving my way up the ladder to now be a Director for Monex Europe in Spain.

Having seen such success with Monex’s expansion into Spain and other parts of Europe over the past 11 years, I have earned a new opportunity as Head of Business Development in Spain. Supporting the team and developing the business in areas of Introducing Broker (IB) partnerships, banking relationships, and other initiatives fundamental to the business’ continued growth, I also coordinate the communication between our European offices and our group parent company in Mexico and vice versa.

Making a difference

To this day, I consider pioneering Monex’s presence in Spain to be my greatest achievement. With Monex (Mexico) having only just extended its reach into the UK (with the acquisition of Schneider FX in 2012, which was renamed to Monex Europe Limited), the addition of Spain quickly snowballed into a great success for the business. Since then, it has undoubtably reaped amazing results.

11 years later, I am still so proud of my unwavering commitment to the project; not only for the value it brings to our clients, but also to the people who are a part of this great company. The external recognition I also received in winning the eWoman Asturias Award by CaixaBank is a lifelong memory and incredible achievement for me.

It started in Asturias with two people and now has 22 employees in Spain. She [Elena] also complements her activity by mentoring other women entrepreneurs.


Although not always easy, I am reminded of the incredible privilege to work for our Mexican parent company (Monex group) and strive to use my experience and empower other women to pursue senior positions in finance.

Working as a Woman in Finance

Overall, I am thankful that my experience as a woman in finance has been a positive one. Looking back, it’s true that years ago it was quite uncommon for women to manage finances, and only in recent years have we started to see the shift.

Although the financial industry continues to be a statistically male-dominant sector, I am a firm believer that the unique qualities of men and women greatly complement one-another in the workplace and are unbeatable when joining forces.

I think it’s due to this global realisation that the financial industry is evolving to be a more ‘female-friendly’ sector, with the presence of women gradually increasing. By gaining confidence from this motivating development, and using our strong intuition, women (like my myself) are proving their worth and strengthening the movement with overall undeniable success in leadership.

“May luck catch you working”

A saying I have always loved, and something that my father used to say to me growing up. My takeaway – luck does not exist. You experience ‘luck’ through your tenacity, your will, your hard work, attitude, and determination. Only by pushing forward, seizing every great opportunity, and asking for everything you deserve, will you achieve your goals and ultimately make your dreams come true.


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