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In the fourth and final article for our Women of Monex series, in celebration of Women’s History month, we hear from Alisha Dhume – Legal and Regulatory Analyst at Monex Europe, part of the Monex group of companies. Having joined Monex just under a year and a half ago, Alisha shares her fresh perspective and experiences of working as a woman in finance.

Within a short period of time at Monex Europe, I have had a number of valuable opportunities to work with vital clients and assist on the execution of various large deals. As Legal and Regulatory Analyst, I advise on transactional documents, commercial contracts, regulatory issues, and data protection matters across all entities within the Monex group of companies.

Back to the beginning…

Although born in Kuwait, I was raised in Bahrain after my parents moved from India to the Middle East in the early 1990s. I then moved to the UK for my studies, graduating from University College London with a Master of Laws in Corporate Law.

Early on in my legal education, I quickly understood that law is an inherently traditional profession, and it is not easy to break the mould early on in a legal career and question the predefined ideas of success and ‘achievement’. As a woman of colour and first-generation in the legal field, I have been motivated and well-positioned to challenge these preconceptions, and am passionate to heighten diversity, inclusion, and social mobility in the legal profession within the financial services industry.

Making a difference

Despite the short period of my experience within a conventionally male-dominated industry, I have always put my best foot forward and used every challenging experience as a learning opportunity. Due to my rapid progression, I have earned the opportunity to train the newer members of the team. I view my ability to grasp concepts swiftly and my sheer determination as one of the greatest factors contributing to my progress thus far.

I have always maintained that diversity is a strength and something to feel proud of. As I gain more experience and exposure, I feel an immense sense of gratitude and appreciation for my journey and background.  Throughout my time at Monex, I have embraced my diverse background and often noticed that it offers a useful different perspective.

Working as a Woman in Finance

I am a huge believer in understanding the difference between equality and equity. Equality is important. It means you’re treating everyone the same. But equity is different; it means giving everyone what they need to succeed, acknowledging social differences and addressing systemic inequalities to ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities and outcomes.

Looking back, I’m thankful for the opportunities that have enabled me to grow professionally at a young age and am proud to be part of a team that is working to break down gender barriers and unlock every individual’s potential. The inclusive culture of my team at Monex is what motivates me, surrounded by such talented, passionate, and execution-focused women.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

I’m determined to have my professional career reflect the same resilience and adaptability that my parents showed when they moved to the Middle East in the early 1990s. Five years ago, I would have shied away from bold choices in favour of a career that kept me linked to familiar people and geographies. However, over the last few years since moving to London, I have learnt how putting myself in unfamiliar situations has brought out the best in me.

When you push your boundaries, you will realise how much you can truly accomplish. It took me a while to realise I was here because someone recognised I was capable. I have now learned to own my space and really use my presence. Believe that you belong and make every second count.