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After months of hard work and training, Team Monex triumphed in the NOMAN’s Barcelona – Ibiza Ocean rowing race.

NOMAN aims to raise awareness about the HPV-related cancer epidemic in men and women, campaign for universal HPV vaccination, while challenging participants to extreme endurance races across the world. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes 5% of cancers worldwide and 80% of people will come into contact with the virus at some point in their lives. The majority of HPV-related cancers can be prevented simply by vaccinating boys and girls against this devastating virus.

NOMAN’s exclusive ocean rowing races consist of amateur rowers that are pitted against each other, racing 200 miles across the Mediterranean Sea.

The Monex crew were put through various courses in preparation for the race as well as training days over weekends. The team set up charity auctions and fundraising events to raise money and awareness for the cause.

With light winds and scorching temperatures, the NOMEN of the 2019 Race to End HPV were put through their paces in a different way to previous years. Temperatures soared and with six crews in the race this year, competition was fiercer than ever. The teams in the race included Monex, Ion Energy, Peakside Capital, Corona, Courchevel Prestige Chalets and last year’s winners, Goldman Sachs Gives.

With 6 crews taking to the Mediterranean it’s been an incredibly competitive Barcelona – Ibiza ocean rowing race in 2019. Congratulations must go to Monex for their triumph, but also for their perseverance and dedication over the past 12 months not just in training for these races, but in their fundraising endeavours to support NOMAN’s mission.

– David Winterflood, Operations Director at NOMAN

The Monex crew were neck and neck with ION energy for the majority of the race. However a penalty was given to ION by the Race Committee for failing to round the way point 25nm west south west of Barcelona, resulting in a 10nm time penalty.

As the race entered its final stages, ION Energy went on the attack in a bid to create a lead large enough to secure overall victory, in lieu of their 10nm time penalty. Team Monex fought back and took the win, closely followed by ION energy who took second place despite their penalty of 10nm.

The Monex crew not only won the race, but also beat the record for the fastest time to complete the race, smashing the record set in 2015.

It was an emotional experience for the Monex crew, who are relieved that their hard work and dedication paid off. The crew were met by family and friends at the finish line, who started off the celebrations that continued in Ibiza over the weekend.

The race was physically draining and mentally very tough, but ultimately it was an amazing experience for an excellent cause.

– David Venn, Sales Manager at Monex Europe

So far, the Monex team have raised over £39,000 and this number continues to rise thanks to generous donations.

The Barcelona – Ibiza race may have ended, but the race to end HPV is far from over.  NOMAN will continue to campaign to raise awareness of HPV and the devastating effects this virus inflicts globally.

33 countries are now vaccinating boys against the virus, however NOMAN are determined to make sure this vaccination is available to boys and girls worldwide.

These races are critically important in helping us spread the message to a broader audience around how we can prevent the 5% of cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), and the funds raised will help us end that suffering through advocacy and education campaigns.

– David Winterflood, Operations Director at NOMAN

Monex are proud to have collaborated with the NOMAN Campaign this year and hope to work with the charity again in the future.


Team Monex – 54h 30 minutes

Team ION Energy – 55h 29 minutes (including 3h30 penalty)

Team Peakside Capital – 58h 19 minutes

Team Corona – 63h 03 minutes

Team GS Gives – 66h 16 minutes

Team Courchevel Prestige Chalets – 76h 19 minutes


To make a donation and support the charity that is already saving lives across the globe, please visit:

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