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The stress and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is something that will affect each person in a different way. For many, the new health and government advice for social distancing and working from home can be overwhelming. As a result, the World Health Organization and many other mental health experts have started to publish numerous guides and resources to help minimise the effects the global pandemic is having on people’s mental health and wellbeing. Our Fitness Expert and Life Coach at Monex, Tarik Elmetaal, put together some key steps for our employees as coping strategies to help manage physical health, mental health and psychosocial wellbeing during these uncertain times.

We are all being challenged at the moment and it can be very scary for many constantly tuned in to the news. Yes, this is a global pandemic – not the first one or potentially the last one. However, it is the first experience for many of us.

Mankind has gone through many dark times in history, but we as a species are still thriving. Successful human survival has been achieved by many characteristics, including cooperation.

This situation with the Covid-19 pandemic is calling for cooperation and unification of humans. This virus does not discriminate and therefore we must unite in our mission.

This is our time to overcome such a challenge by combining our efforts and being compassionate to those that are fearful and need help. We have the science to assist us and the technology to keep us connected to each other.

The coming weeks/months will be different, challenging, and a test of our character. However, there will be chances to be innovative during an unprecedented period, in the sense of what we will extract from the depth of our humanity.





Write out your day and stick to it. Wake up, shower and get dressed. As you are no longer having to factor in time commuting into your workplace, it would be wise to use that time to build in some healthy additions into your lifestyle. For example,. physical exercise, breathing exercises (to strengthen your respiratory system), or perhaps go for a walk or run for both fresh air and exercise purposes.


Do not buy unhealthy snacks during the working from home phase – I have emphasised this as it is very dangerous to keep snacking due to the lack of stimulation and distraction within an office environment.


Make sure you have a designated area to use for work in order to maintain an association with the office environment.


Ensure you have regular breaks away from your workstation and ensure those breaks involve some form of movement to reduce mental and physical fatigue and tension.


Remember to communicate with work colleagues via phone or video calls to ensure you have a form of social and work interactivity – offer each other support and encouragement.


Make exercise a priority in your daily routine– this is essential as your environment has potentially been made a lot smaller. This means that you need to walk around a lot more and if you have them, use your wearables to see how many steps you are taking at home in comparison to the office. Find unique ways to increase your activity. Home workouts will be key for the coming weeks to maintain your health and wellbeing.


As well as set mealtimes, make sure you hydrate well enough.. Have some healthy snacks for those who need to snack to maintain blood sugar levels.


Check on loved ones who do not live with you and elderly and vulnerable relatives as they may be struggling more. This will also distract you if you are worried about the current situation and will give you a sense of purpose.


This is an opportunity to reboot your circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) and get into a good healthy sleep habit. Early nights and 7-9 hour sleeping habits are now possible for you to instil into your routine. Sufficient sleep is one of the best possible habits that will make your immune system robust.


Do things that make you happy – play your favourite music, dance, watch motivational videos and films.


This will pass and we will be better humans in many ways as a result.


Love, Peace, and Strength



Author: Tarik Elmetaal – Fitness Expert and Life Coach at Monex Europe
Tarik has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines spanning 32 years.
Tarik spent over 20 years working in the NHS developing knowledge and skills across the myriad of medical, surgical and psychiatric fields. Specialising in cardiac care and paediatrics, Tarik also spent several years working on an Alzheimer and Dementia unit. A major back injury in his early 20’s sent Tarik on a journey of self-healing and knowledge acquisition. Tarik began to learn about correct training techniques and qualified with WABBA qualifications as a personal trainer. Through Tarik’s experience, he has helped many people from athletes, doctors, and CEO’s, to special needs groups, cancer patients and many other individuals from all walks of life.
Tarik has worked alongside the employees of Monex Europe for over a decade, focusing on fitness, mental health, and wellbeing.