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The last few months have been a testing time for all of us to say the least. To raise team spirits, we invited sporting legend and renowned speaker Sir Clive Woodward OBE to join the Monex Europe entities (virtually) to give a presentation on his philosophy “DNA of a Champion”.

Clive is best known as the winning Head Coach who led England to the Rugby World Cup glory in Australia 2003. He was also Team GB’s Director of Sport during the Beijing 2008 , Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Olympic Games.

To say that the webinar was just enjoyable would be an understatement. Clive was not only relatable and thought provoking, but gave a much needed inspiring and motivational talk to Monex employees across the globe.

The concept of the “DNA of a Champion” is based on Clive’s philosophy and model, which helps to determine an individual’s mental strength and how well they perform when exposed to stressors, pressure, and challenge, no matter the situation they are faced with.

Clive outlined the key characteristics that he believes that you need to display in order to be a winning team or individual in both sport and business.

Character plays a huge role in determining if someone has what it takes to be a champion, and what an individual does in order to leverage their own talent.

Effective coaching is another factor Clive emphasised – from providing the right tools, to ensuring the team or individual is operating at optimum level.

Talent alone is not enough.

–      Sir Clive Woodward

Ability is of course important, but having talent is the start, not the finish. Talented individuals have the skill and ability necessary to deliver in their chosen role.

Clive drew on his previous experience with coaching the England Rugby team. Prior to his coaching they hadn’t won anything, despite the huge amounts of talent within the team.

Clive explained that in order to be an effective student, you need to be like a sponge and not a rock, willing and wanting to absorb new information to become the best version of yourself. You can have all the talent needed, but if you’re not teachable, you certainly wouldn’t make Clive’s team!

You need to be a warrior. This is someone who is resilient, quick thinking, and able to “Think Correctly Under Pressure” or as Clive called it “T-CUP”.

Clive discussed examples where sporting heroes cracked under pressure, being so close to victory and losing it in a single moment. By thinking correctly under pressure, nothing should throw you off your game.

Last but certainly not least, Attitude. Attitude is key when making a champion. This is all about having the determination and drive to achieve a winning performance and reach your goals.

The webinar finished with an interactive Q&A session, where employees had the opportunity to ask Clive questions.

It was an absolute pleasure listening to Clive’s presentation. Clive has tackled the sporting and business world, and we were all truly inspired.

–      Nick Edgeley, CEO of Monex Europe

Clive made it clear that no matter what your role is at Monex, his philosophy can improve each and every one of us as an individual, and we certainly agree.

“Great teams are made of great individuals” was the message weaved throughout the entire talk. For us here at Monex Europe, this spoke bounds of truth.

The feedback from the team here at Monex has been phenomenal. From directors and managers, to those in the company just beginning their journey at Monex, everyone took something important away.

Monex are extremely proud to have an innovative and motivating culture, even now when all offices are remote.