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Monex, one of the world’s leading dedicated commercial foreign exchange providers, is proud to announce it has joined “The Valuable 500”, a worldwide campaign launched to tackle the exclusion of disabled people in the workplace.

The campaign is seeking 500 global businesses to commit to putting disability on their board agendas in 2019.

This week, Monex was amongst seven of the world’s largest financial institutions to join The Valuable 500, which also includes the Bank of England, Lloyds Banking Group, RBS and HSBC UK. This marks the most significant move the global financial services sector has made to date to address disability inclusion in business.

At Monex we are proud to be part of The Valuable 500, as we acknowledge that disability inclusion is something fundamental. We all have to play our part in achieving a more inclusive world. As companies adopt more inclusive activities, I believe we can influence positively to get rid of the barriers that people with disabilities face nowadays.

– Héctor Lagos, CEO of Monex

The Valuable 500 is a worldwide call to action launched in January this year at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Summit in Davos. It strives to ensure disability is discussed at leadership level and placed on the board agendas. It also hopes to tackle the poor global employment rate for disabled people, which currently stands at half of non-disabled people.

The banking sector has been increasingly recognised for its efforts to improve the inclusion of disabled people in the workplace in recent years. However, this is the first time in history that the world’s financial services sector has taken such a significant step towards ending the exclusion of disabled people.

Since its launch earlier this year, global businesses such as Microsoft, EY, Unilever and Bloomberg have all joined the movement. The Valuable 500 is also strongly supported by business leaders including Sir Richard Branson.

It is spearheaded by award-winning activist, social entrepreneur and Binc founder Caroline Casey, who is registered blind.

We are thrilled to be welcoming such an acclaimed group of world-leading banks to The Valuable 500. It is particularly encouraging to see that the industry society relies on for financial purposes, has recognised the huge market size and spending power of a currently untapped pool of people, and has taken a definitive stand on embracing inclusion and diversity in their boardrooms as a result.

– Caroline Casey, founder of The Valuable 500

The news comes after research from Inclusive Boards this week revealed that 90% of business leaders interviewed were apprehensive about employing a disabled person in a leadership position, with the cost of making the necessary adjustments for disabled people emerging as the primary reason for this apprehension.

41% of respondents felt that disabled people might take a lot of sick leave and 45% said their offices wouldn’t be accessible to those with disabilities.

The campaign is also aimed at ending ‘diversish’ attitudes towards disability in business, as 90% of companies say they are inclusive but only 4% include disability in this definition.

“The Valuable 500 movement aims to take a stand against being “diversish” – and instead be the tipping-point for change, and unlock the business, social and economic value of disabled people across the world.”

– says Casey.

The Monex Group is proud to be part of The Valuable 500 and would like to encourage other businesses to get involved in this campaign.

Editor notes:

Monex is a specialised financial services provider, with more than 30 years of experience providing a range of banking, foreign exchange and wealth management services. Monex is a publicly listed, investment grade institution, listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange. It also operates corporate FX and international payment solutions in the US, in Europe through its subsidiary Monex Europe headquartered in London, and Monex Canada in Toronto, Canada.