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Monex Europe’s Milan Varsani has helped raise over £250,000 for the Cochlea Pune charity after taking part in an epic tuk-tuk challenge by travelling an astonishing 2500km across 5 states in India.

Milan Varsani was amongst 90 volunteers from across the world who took part in the December 2019 Sewa UK Rickshaw Run challenge, including riders from the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

Driving rickshaws all the way from the most southern tip of India (Kanyakumari), right up to Ahmedabad in the northwest, the “Rickshaw Runners” travelled over a period of 12 days, stopping at various cities along the way.

From the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and Goa, to small but charming cities like Hubli and Mysore.



We are all incredibly proud of Milan for taking part and organising this difficult challenge. The amount of money raised so far is outstanding and we are pleased that Monex Europe has been part of making this happen.

– Nick Edgeley, CEO at Monex Europe

The event was organised by Sewa UK to raise funds for Cochlea Pune, a charitable trust who specialise in supporting congenitally born deaf children.

Cochlea Pune encourages and gives each child the confidence to join mainstream schools and continue their education. Sadly, due to the high rate of admission, the team at Cochlea has run out of room and needs our support to continue their great work. The money raised will help the charity build a new state of the art school, so they are able to keep up the work they are doing for deaf children in Pune.

Astonishingly, all 90 Runners paid their own way. All flights, hotels, food, fuel and even the rickshaws were paid for by participants themselves, so that all donations given could go directly to the cause.

Runners met the local people along the way and were even able to meet students who had been helped by the charity. Milan had the opportunity to meet an ex-pupil of Cochlea Pune, who created incredible artwork on Canvas.

Every day, the Rickshaw Runners had an enormous welcome at each city, with children and locals welcoming them into their community. People lined the street in various cities to catch a glimpse of the convoy and many dignitaries came out to greet the riders.

However, it wasn’t all plain “rickshawing” for the teams…

There were very long days, mechanical problems and terrible road conditions, all making this even more challenging for the Runners.

You could only convince me to brave the crazy Indian roads, driving side by side to trucks three times our size with blaring horns if it was in the name of a worthy cause. We experienced a few minor accidents on the road, with some bruises and scrapes, but none of which could dampen the spirits of our riders, with everyone crossing the finish line safely with a huge smile on their face.

– Milan Varsani, Management Accountant at Monex Europe

The whole team agreed that this was a truly life-changing adventure. This was Sewa UK’s first Rickshaw Run and the response received was beyond anyone’s expectations.

The ride itself was unimaginable. There was mass media coverage in India and abroad, with even the BBC highlighting the event on breakfast and evening news in the UK, alongside online content.

– Harish Bhudia, at Sewa UK

Monex Europe is pleased to have been part of such a brilliant event and wish the charity all the best for the future.

To find out more information about the charity, please visit