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A crew of Monex Europe staff will take part in a 200 mile non-stop ocean race to raise awareness about the urgent need to give boys, as well as girls, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination to help eradicate the 5% of cancers caused by the HPV virus.

The 4th March is the second ever International HPV Awareness Day promoting awareness of the HPV infection and the disease it causes. Over 2,000 men a year in the UK are diagnosed with a HPV-related cancer – of whom almost half will die from the condition within five years. From September 2019 however, the vaccination which could protect boys from developing a HPV-related cancer will be available to both sexes for the first time.

Girls in the UK have been vaccinated since 2008. This will bring the UK into line with around 30 other countries including Australia and the US who already vaccinate both boys and girls.

The NOMAN is an Island: Barcelona – Ibiza ocean rowing race starting on the 22nd July will serve to raise awareness of the importance of vaccinating both sexes against this devastating virus in order to prevent 5% of cancers.

In the build-up to this date, Monex Europe, a leading specialist in commercial foreign exchange based in the heart of the City, will participate in a range of rowing challenges and sessions culminating in a crew of Monex Europe staff taking on NOMAN’s infamous Barcelona – Ibiza ocean rowing race; a 3 day, 200 mile crossing of the Mediterranean. All for one cause: to prevent the 5% of cancers caused by HPV.

Taking on 5 other teams, the Monex Europe crew can expect to deal with powerful waves, busy shipping lanes, blistering heat and sea sickness. Each team of five rowers will share a 24ft (7.3m) long boat equipped with two seats and a small sleeping space, taking it in turns to row for two hours and rest for two hours.

“We’re pleased to be joining NOMAN in their mission to prevent 5% of cancers. Monex Europe have always aligned themselves with organisations, which serve to better the future of young people. By vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV we can prevent the needless suffering caused by HPV-related cancers. We’ll be getting behind our crew as they take on the Mediterranean, and most importantly behind this vital cause.”

– Nick Edgeley, Managing Director of Monex Europe.

Rowing across an ocean or sea is like no other sport. Ocean rowing is as much about the crews ability to cope mentally, as it is about technique and physical strength. The endurance required will result in a once in lifetime adventure.

The 5 person crew taking on the challenge for charity from Monex Europe are: Tom Farrow, Patrick Ronane, David Venn, Philippe Kane and Tim Hallinan.

“We’re thrilled to be joined by Monex Europe in this endeavour. Nearly all of us, both males and females will have an HPV infection at some stage in our lives and the cancers caused by the virus are on the rise. We can prevent needless suffering simply by vaccinating. We row in 2019 to raise awareness of the importance of taking up this option in the UK, and to further our ultimate goal of influencing every country in the world to adopt gender neutral HPV vaccination.”

– David Winterflood, Director of UK Operations at NOMAN is an Island.

Click here to help Monex Europe raise awareness, reach their goals and join the race to end HPV and prevent 5% of cancers.

Editor’s Notes

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The NOMAN is an Island campaign (NOMAN) is a series of extreme endurance events that pushes participants to their physical and mental limits to raise awareness of the HPV-related cancer epidemic in men and women. NOMAN is a program of the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation. The UK government announced in July 2018 that beginning in September 2019, boys will also be vaccinated against HPV helping to prevent the majority of HPV-related cancers. Vaccinating boys is not a novel concept. Australia, USA, Brazil, Bermuda, New Zealand, Austria, Israel, Switzerland and parts of Canada recommend that both sexes are vaccinated. In January 2017, Italy became the first country in the European Union and G8-area to adopt a nationwide gender-neutral HPV vaccination programme and from Autumn 2018, boys in Norway will also receive the vaccine alongside girls. Around 30 countries vaccinate or, will do so imminently, boys against HPV.

You can find out more information about the NOMAN campaign by visiting: