Press Room

We are pleased to announce that Monex Europe S.A has been approved as a member of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association (ABBL).

Known as the voice of the financial sector in Luxembourg, the ABBL is the oldest and largest professional association in the Luxembourgish financial sector. Members of the association include banks, auditors, Payment institutions, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and other financial sector professionals. The membership grants Monex Europe S.A access to a community of over 210+ members and related members that assist, advise and support on a multitude of topics from industry-related recommendations to technical guidance.

Monex Europe S.A opened a Luxembourg office in December 2020, to continue to provide FX payment services to European-based clients and mitigate any possible disruption caused by Brexit. The ABBL membership will enable Monex Europe S.A to strengthen its presence in the market by connecting the business to the wider financial community, and providing access to the most up-to-date and critical information at all times.

We’re delighted to have become a member of the ABBL, as it provides a strong platform to connect with others within the industry and learn from the vast range of experts and resources available. We’re particularly looking forward to joining the industry events, to learn and share knowledge in a positive community environment where we hold similar interests and values.

Nick Edgeley, Non-Executive Director and CEO of Monex Europe.

Through the ABBL, Monex Europe S.A will be able to contribute to crucial industry conversations, share knowledge with peers and learn from the longstanding community that has been built since the association was founded in 1939. ABBL membership grants Monex Europe S.A access to over 110+ Clusters, Technical Committees and related Working Groups that help to deliver timely and privileged access to critical information.

To read more about the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association, please visit: