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Monex Europe, the leading specialist in commercial foreign exchange, continues to expand its operations team with the appointment of Olivia Álvarez Méndez as FX Market Analyst in Madrid, Spain.

Monex Europe is parented by Monex S.A.B. (also known as Monex Group), a publicly listed, investment grade institution with more than 30 years of experience in currency management. Monex Europe serves thousands of clients across the globe. In Spain, Monex Europe has been present since 2012, having opened the Madrid office to better serve the company’s Spanish clients.

Olivia will report to Ranko Berich, head of the analysis team at Monex Europe. The company is growing at an impressive rate and her knowledge and expertise will be of great importance to the business.

She will support the Spanish team in providing timely analysis and a complete view of the foreign exchange market in order to help clients make better-informed trading decisions.

We know how important providing insights to our clients is, and can proudly say that we have a fantastic analyst team headed by Ranko Berich that provides timely commentary on developments in currency movements.

– Ignacio Lizárraga, Co-Director of Monex Europe in Spain

Monex Europe’s new hire holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics studying at the University of La Habana.

Olivia has several Postgraduate Courses including Time Series Econometrics, by the Center of Latin American Monetary Studies and Central Bank of Cuba, Macroeconomic Modeling, Policies Evaluation and Micro econometrics by the University of Republic (Uruguay).

For the last two years, Olivia has been an Assistant Professor in the University of La Habana on Macroeconomics, Researcher and Executive Coordinator.  Prior to that, she participated in internship programs at the Cuban National Office of Statistics and Information and at the Havana Administration City Council.

We are very happy to welcome Olivia on board and wish her success.  Her support to the Spanish team at Monex Europe with analysis and opinions on the foreign exchange market will be of great value.

– Elena Bernardo, Co-Director of Monex Europe in Spain.

As Monex Europe continues to grow, we can expect to see further appointments across the continent as the business’ success prevails.


Notes to editors:

Monex Europe Limited is parented by Monex S.A.B (also known as Monex Group), which is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV: MONEXB). Founded in 1985, Monex Group is a publicly listed, investment grade institution with more than 30 years of experience in the FX industry. Monex Europe is the European arm of Monex Group. The company is headquartered in London with European offices in Amsterdam and Madrid.  In 2017, Monex Europe Limited launched Monex Canada as a sister company, to expand on the global success of the Monex entities. In 2017, Monex Group made $198 billion in group FX turnover, held a total of $5.2 billion in total assets, and transacted a total of 4.9 million FX transactions.