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  • Nick Edgeley, CEO, announces resignation to pursue new opportunities
  • Michael Quinn appointed new CEO of Monex’s UK-based businesses
  • Magda Gonzalez promoted to COO in leadership transition
  • Two significant director-level appointments made by new administration

Monex Europe Limited (“Monex Europe”), the UK division of Monex Europe Holding’s Limited and part of the wider financial services group Monex S.A.P.I. de C.V. (“Monex”), has announced today the departure of CEO Nick Edgeley to pursue new opportunities outside the company following 18 years of service. In succession, Michael Quinn has been appointed CEO of UK-based e-money institution, Monex Europe Limited, and investment firm, Monex Europe Markets Limited.

With Edgeley beginning his venture in 2006 with the founding of Scheider Foreign Exchange, the business has experienced remarkable growth under his expert guidance. Once a small team of four individuals, Schneider Foreign Exchange was acquired by Monex in 2012 and has since evolved into a global enterprise, operating across five international offices in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada and Singapore, with a workforce of over 300 employees.

Throughout his tenure, Edgeley’s leadership has been instrumental in positioning Monex as a prominent player within the both the corporate and institutional sectors of foreign exchange services, revolutionising operations and maximising contributions to the global financial landscape, whilst delivering exceptional services to clients worldwide.

Superseding Edgeley as CEO of Monex’s UK operations, Quinn joined the company in 2010, and under Edgeley’s tutelage, has been integral to numerous strategic enhancements across the business. In 2022, Quinn was promoted to Group Trading Manager, exemplifying strong leadership and crucial insight.

Intrinsic to Monex’s long-term vision for global unification and expansion, Quinn joins Anil Sawrup and Alvin Lai, CEOs of Monex’s Canadian and Singaporean businesses, Monex Canada Inc. and MonFX Pte. Ltd., respectively, to enhance commercial strategy by leveraging specialised local market expertise around the world.

Recognising the global efficiencies within the Monex group, Magda Gonzalez has been promoted to a new mandate as COO, serving alongside the international CEO team. Having joined the group in 2006, Gonzalez relocated from Monex’s parent division in Mexico City to join Monex Europe in 2013. Acting as CFO for the business since 2016, this new assignment reflects her strong track record in operational efficiency and forward-looking strategic thinking.

Under its new administration, Monex Europe has also announced two key director appointments. James Bennett has been promoted to Trading Director, and Neil Maffey to Sales Director. With Bennett and Maffey collectively responsible for generating over £160m of revenue since joining the business in 2011 and 2010 respectively, they bring exceptional market knowledge and insight to the forefront of Monex Europe’s Sales and Trading divisions.

Having been a key contributor to Monex’s growth and success over the past 13 years, Bennett joined Monex Europe’s trading desk in 2013. Positioning himself as one of the highest performing traders in the company’s history, Bennett has successfully executed a number of the largest deals to date and traded over £50bn in FX volume throughout this time.

Maffey has been instrumental in driving revenue and client acquisition for Monex Europe, successfully leading the most senior sales team within the firm for the last decade, which has generated circa £250M in revenue and managed relationships with thousands of multinational businesses. Individually, Maffey has produced the highest revenue in the company’s history and has been responsible for a number of key strategic initiatives during his tenure which has enabled the considerable growth of the organisation over the last ten years.

Evident in the experience and caliber of Monex Europe’s new leadership team, the business reaffirms a robust commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients across the globe and looks ahead to the next chapter of sustained growth and success.

Nick Edgeley, former CEO of Monex Europe, said:

Since founding the company almost two decades ago, I have been inspired by those that have contributed to the business’ rapid expansion, now operating in many regions across the globe. Although this has been an intensely personal adventure, I am immensely proud of the people, culture, and values that have shaped the very core of the business. The most crucial factor in Monex Europe’s success has been the strength of our people; hard-working individuals who have played their part in building a dynamic business. My sincerest gratitude goes to Hector Lagos Donde and Mauricio Naranjo, as well as to the Board of Directors and entire team for their dedication, commitment and unyielding support. It has been a great honour to serve in this role and lead Monex Europe over the years, witnessing countless achievements and milestones, and I am certain that the business will continue to thrive under its new leadership.

Michael Quinn, CEO of Monex Europe said:

The appointments of James and Neil are a natural progression. The appointments mark a new chapter for Monex, as we position ourselves for sustained growth and enhanced market presence in the UK and beyond… With a focus on local market expertise and a commitment to excellence, whilst leveraging the benefits of being a truly global, integrated organization, we will continue to drive forward-thinking strategies to meet the evolving needs of our diverse client base.

Mauricio Naranjo, global CEO of Monex group said:

We wish to express our sincerest gratitude for Nick’s leadership and significant contributions throughout his tenure as CEO at Monex Europe Holding’s Limited. His unwavering commitment as a leader of a high-performance team and navigating the complexities of the global marketplace has played a crucial role in driving success. We look forward to embarking on this next chapter of their journey under Michael’s new leadership.



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