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Spot FX

We help corporate clients mitigate exposure to FX volatility risk. We access multiple pools of liquidity to secure sharper pricing, enabling our clients to benefit from seamless execution and fast, secure settlement of spot FX transactions across a range of major, minor and exotic currencies.

FX Forwards

Our FX forward contracts* offer an effective solution for mitigating currency risk. Providing both certainty and flexibility for currency requirements, forward contracts can be used to help protect profit margins, cash flow and your bottom line from currency fluctuations. By fixing a price against a budgeted rate, you can help predict business costs on imports and exports, and secure a specified exchange rate for future payments in a foreign currency.

International payments

By streamlining international FX payments, corporate clients can increase operational and cost efficiency across the business. Our automated, individual and batch payments service enable clients to pay overseas suppliers and invoices more efficiently, manage global payroll, and multi-currency payments in over 60 different currencies across the world. Within Monex Pay, clients can instruct FX trades and manage FX-related payments, whilst benefiting from competitive pricing and access to our extensive deeper liquidity sources.

Security of client payment instructions

Monex Pay enables clients to trade same-day, tomorrow and spot contracts, while related cross-border payments are made with speed, accurately and securely using SWIFT and domestic settlement networks.


Comprehensive overview

All payment transactions instructed through Monex Pay are accessible via a comprehensive audit trail. Payment confirmations, a full trading history and activity reports ensure clients stay in control of all FX movements on their account.

* FX forwards traded for the purpose of facilitating payment for identifiable goods, services or direct investment (for example, entering into an FX forward in order to pay an upcoming invoice in a foreign currency, or in preparation of an upcoming purchase in a foreign currency).

Monex Pay key features

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Monitor the status of live and historic FX trades and view reports

Instruct new FX trades and onward payments to third-party recipients

Filter by FX trades, add and edit beneficiaries and create onward FX payment instructions

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