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In the last “Meet the Monex marathon team” interview, we spoke with our Management Accountant Karen Costen, to gain insight into her experience in training for the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Next up and second in the series of eight interviews with our marathon runners, we have Sales Account Manager, Tim Matthews.


Firstly Tim – tell us about yourself:

I’m 24 and have worked in the Monex sales team since graduating from Durham University back in 2018.

Why have you decided to run the London 2021 Marathon?

Standing on the start line of a marathon brings a great sense of adrenaline and excitement which is unparalleled; this coupled with the record size of the London 2021 marathon, made signing up a no-brainer! “Get Kids Going!” is also a fantastic charity that inspires disabled youngsters to compete in sporting events and support them along the way, so I am excited to fundraise for them.

How much experience do you have running long distances?

I completed the Paris Marathon back in 2018 with a big group of friends. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had (albeit a painful one!).

How are you preparing both mentally and physically for the race?

Visualising the smug look on Jake Ostrovskis’ face (fellow sales colleague) if he beats me, tends to get me out of bed in the morning and into my running trainers. Physically, I have just started my 16-week training plan.

What has been the toughest challenge you have faced during your training so far, and how have you overcome it?

Completely laying off the booze. With summer in full swing, I can’t say it is going extremely successfully so far!

When it gets tough, what are your strategies to keep going?

‘Supersonic’ by Oasis usually does the job. A few friendly faces on the side of the road on the big day will also undoubtedly help keep my legs moving and enable me to cross that finish line

During your training so far, have you had to correct your running technique at all? Do you have any tips for maintaining a good running form?

I’m more of a “put your head down and run” type of runner, so correcting my technique is something I will have to work towards!

How have you and the other Monex marathon runners supported and motivated each other?

It’s mostly been friendly competition between Jake and me so far. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting out on a few training runs with various other team members and sharing tips and strategies. We are Team Monex after all!

What is the most rewarding thing about running/training for a marathon?

Pushing yourself over a sustained period of time to reach a goal (such as running a marathon) gives you great confidence in yourself, which I have always found to be incredibly beneficial for my state of mind.

How will you celebrate once finishing the race?

I plan to get an early night so I can read the financial press and come into work on Monday feeling fresh.

What words of wisdom can you give for anyone thinking of running a marathon in the future?

Sign up… you will not regret it!


To donate to “Get Kids Going!”, please visit our JustGiving page here.