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In our previous “Meet the Monex marathon team” interview, we spoke with Monex’s Senior Compliance Analyst Emma Cove. Emma gave some great advice on how to overcome challenges and most importantly, enjoy the training experience!

Next up, we have Liquidity Analyst Sam Fowler. Sam has always been active, but running has never been his first choice. However, with a Marathon on his bucket list, he decided to take on the 26.2-mile challenge this year with his colleagues.


Firstly Sam – tell us about yourself:

I have been at Monex for just under five years and have worked in the Risk, Projects, Trade Support and Liquidity Teams. I have always been active and have given lots of sports a try, however my favourites are Squash and Cycling.

Why have you decided to run the London 2021 Marathon?

A marathon has always been on my bucket list, but I haven’t enjoyed running much in the past. After speaking to a few people who had completed the race, I was convinced to take up the challenge and give it a go.

How much experience do you have running long distances?

My running experience started with 5k park runs. Once I was comfortable with those, I moved into 10k organised runs alongside some colleagues at Monex. So far I have only done one organised half marathon, but the distances are slowly creeping up.

How are you preparing both mentally and physically for the race?

I have completed a few challenges in the past such as hiking up mountains, cycling to Paris, and walking the 73-mile length of Hadrian’s Wall, so I hope these have helped me develop a strong mentality. To physically prepare I am keeping the training regular and maintaining a healthy diet.

What has been the toughest challenge you have faced during your training so far, and how have you overcome it?

The toughest challenge is the first 5k of every run. Once I am past that point, I feel like I get into more of a rhythm, then I start to relax and enjoy it more. Knowing that the first 5k is hard also makes it a challenge to get out and start running.

When it gets tough, what are your strategies to keep going?

My strategy is to break down the distance into much smaller, easier chunks. Sometimes this is as short as making it to the next tree or lamppost, but it feels like an achievement when I get there.

During your training so far, have you had to correct your running technique at all? Do you have any tips for maintaining a good running form?

I have found that when I get tired, I start to look down at my feet. Keeping my head up and looking where I am going helps me keep better form. I have also found carrying water on longer runs makes a big difference.

How have you and the other Monex marathon runners supported and motivated each other?

Seeing the other runners regularly post their runs on the running app Strava is a big motivator. It’s nice to know we are all in it together. We are also being supported by other Monex colleagues who are not running the Marathon but are part of the “Monex Running Club” Strava group.

What is the most rewarding thing about running/training for a marathon?

Seeing the distances increase over time is very rewarding. To know that my easy run this week is further than my longer run from a few weeks ago is a great feeling.

How will you celebrate once finishing the race?

By holding the medal up in the air and finishing the day with a big dinner!

What words of wisdom can you give to anyone thinking of running a marathon in the future?

If you get the opportunity, take it. With regular training and enough time, anybody can run a marathon by slowly increasing the distances.


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