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In our previous “Meet the Monex marathon team” interview, we spoke with Senior Account Manager Jake Ostrovskis. Like many, over lockdown Jake started running while the gyms remained closed, and found it a great way to be outside and active.

Running is also a relatively new challenge for our next interviewee, Monex’s Senior Compliance Analyst Emma Cove.


Firstly Emma – tell us about yourself:

I have been at Monex for five years now and am part of the Compliance team. I have always enjoyed exercise and sports. Running is a relatively new challenge for me, and I have found it makes me a calmer, more patient person.

Why have you decided to run the London 2021 Marathon?

When the gyms closed at the start of the first lockdown, running was really the only form of exercise I could do, that meant I was also able to get out of the house. As my aerobic fitness improved, I started to really enjoy a long run and some time to myself. I want to challenge myself by running my first marathon. Being able to do it in London and for a great charity is an added incentive.

How much experience do you have running long distances?

I have done a few half marathons now. My longest run is currently 16 miles. I definitely have work to do to get those extra 10 miles on top of that!

How are you preparing both mentally and physically for the race?

I am trying to enjoy my training. I enjoyed running before, so although I have a time that I would like to meet, I am not putting too much pressure on myself. It will be an amazing achievement to complete the marathon, so if I can stick to my training plan and enjoy the training, then hopefully I can meet my personal goal.

What has been the toughest challenge you have faced during your training so far, and how have you overcome it?

Injury! A few weeks back I injured my knee. Initially I panicked, gave myself a few days off and then tried to continue running through it. Obviously, that is never going to help. I have now been to physio and doing exercises to help strengthen it again. I finally feel my knee is strong enough, so I will be adjusting my training plan to ease myself back in and get back to the longer runs.

When it gets tough, what are your strategies to keep going?

Relax! Remember why I am running the marathon.

During your training so far, have you had to correct your running technique at all? Do you have any tips for maintaining a good running form?

I haven’t had to correct my technique, but as previously mentioned, taking time to recover from injury has been so important for me!

How have you and the other Monex marathon runners supported and motivated each other?

As we are getting closer to the date, the team are helping each other with training tips.  Hopefully by sharing advice with each other, we can help at least one other person with something they were struggling with.

What is the most rewarding thing about running/training for a marathon?

Seeing the improvement in each run, distances slowly increase, and remembering where I started.

How will you celebrate once finishing the race?

Probably an early night and celebrate the next day. I’ll see how I’m feeling after finishing before signing up for celebrations that day!  J

What words of wisdom can you give to anyone thinking of running a marathon in the future?

Embrace the challenge!

Being competitive is a great motivator, but don’t become caught up with what others are doing, focus on yourself and your own personal achievement.


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